Wedding Makeup Salon in Delhi


Wedding Makeup Salon in Delhi

We, at STUDIO68, are specialized in providing bridal makeover. If you are looking for the bridal makeup artist who can make you look stunning on the big day, then we are here to help you in this. Our stylists provide personalized touch while taking into consideration all the things like your personality, outfit, skin-tone, type, face contour & features that need to be spotlighted. We understand that every bride to have unique features and we work on these features to make you more beautiful.

We understand that your skin needs proper pampering & care. There are several factors which steal the charm of your skin. Some of these factors are UV rays, pollution, dust, etc. These factors adversely affect your skin and eventually make it dull and unattractive. With our latest makeover techniques, we work out on your skin, giving back its natural radiance so that you shine like a star at your wedding.

The bridal makeup is not one-day affair. The sessions start few days before the big day. During the trial sessions, our weddings makeup artists use distinct items to know how these are impacting your looks. Moreover, your personal satisfaction is very important to us. Don’t hesitate to speak your mind during the sessions. Be frank in telling whether there is still room for improvement or not. Your feedback will help our stylists to give you mesmerizing looks.

At STUDIO68, we believe in providing your amazing looks for the auspicious occasion. In order to render you impeccable services, we are also offering customized treatments & therapies that will help in healing your mind & body. We are offering the complete range of pre-bridal packages to bridal makeup packages. You can select from the wide range of packages offered by us. Our bridal makeup will certainly give you the looks of the queen for the special occasion.

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